Brite Blooms Gerberas | Various

Flower growers Nicola Burnett and Jenna Butler were offered a small sample pack of Mega-Starter liquid fertiliser, a recently developed product by JH Biotech Inc. to use on their new Gerbera plantings in October 2014.

Mega Starter delivers NPK in highly available forms and specifically provides Phosphorous in the critical early stages of crop growth for optimum root development and establishment.

The Humic acid in the product also helps to stimulate root and young plant development as well as aiding nutrient uptake of soil-applied fertilisers.

Mega Starter also contains vital plant biostimulants to help initiate new growth and includes zinc, iron and Manganese in the Biomin form for improved flower production.

Young Gerberas were planted on the 2nd of October 2014 and Mega-Starter was watered onto the plants at a rate of 1.5L per 100L of water. On the 14th of October Nicola Burnett contacted Paula O’Hanlon technical sales Manager for Roots, Shoots and Fruits as she was very excited about the growth rate of their new plants and especially the rate of root development after such a short time in the glasshouse.

They sent pictures and comments and were happy to share their news. Nicola wrote “Thanks very much for the trial; we know this has helped develop the roots much faster than is normal for our new plants. The plants are continuing to grow rapidly, the photo doesn’t do justice as it doesn’t show how far the roots are spreading out, but we are impressed :)”

The second picture arrived a week later on the 20th October with the title: Huge root growth!

Nicola and Jenna were so impressed that they purchased more Mega Starter.

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