Mobilizer – An Evaluation Of Yield Response In Potatoes

An increase of $2,040 per hectare to the Grower when using Mobilizer

The average weight yield is 40tonne per hectare in NZ (according to potatoes NZ) and the average price is $400 per tonne.
The grower on average would receive around $16000 per hectare at present.
However, if Mobilizer was added the additional 14% increase in tonnage would give 45.6 tonnes per hectare, increasing the overall price per hectare to $18,240 per hectare. This is an increase of $2,040 per hectare to the Grower.
This is a conservative estimate and would likely be more as the sizes of the potatoes would generally give higher payments.
This result gives significant value to the grower with a very small outlay of $50 per hectare for the Mobilizer product.
The benefit of Mobilizer will also carry on in the soil improving soil health for future cropping,
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