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Core Management field study on apple canker using Fulzyme Plus

Core Management - Apple Orchard - European Canker

‘Production this season is up 27% with overall 10% increase in packout’ - Core management

Freshmax Orchards - Fulzyme Plus - European Canker

‘The results after two years are outstanding’ - Shane Flynn – Freshmax

Huawhenua Apple Orchard Twyford

‘Currently I am finding very good results using the Biomin Magnesium, and my tree health has been fantastic’ - Richard Griffith - Huawhenua Orchard

‘It is nice to have a safe tool in our spray shed to help with tree health’ - Mark Mudgeway

Quinns Blueberries- Great results using Phoscare, Mobilizer & Biomin

‘Four days later and the change is impressive, Thank you for your support and care with the recommendations’ Paul Quinn - Quinns’ Blueberries Ltd.

Strawberry Fields - Strawberry Growers in Waikato

‘An extensive range of options assist in extending my growing season 6 months; particularly during late season production when most other local growers have packed it in , I am still enjoying strong production, quality and flavour' Darien C McFadden Strawberry fields

Strawberry Garry Yee

‘What an Amazing difference in plant health and establishment, Superzyme out performed Foschek’ Garry Yee – Mangere

Apatu Group dip new vine canes in Superzyme at Planting to improve take and health

Mycormax sachets are used in the Napa valley to improve plant health and take

Babich Wines - Gimblett Gravels Hawkes Bay uses Mobilizer to assist growth in young vines

‘I am wrapped with the effect Mobilizer has had on vine growth’ Tony Purdy – Babich vineyards – Gimblet gravels

Sustainable soil improvements aid Dog Point Vineyard

‘I am thrilled, as we have had the best take ever, there have been no issues with disease or die-back..' Nigel Sowman – Dog point vineyards

Milton Vineyard & Winery were impressed with Biomin Calcium

‘I have to say that I am over the moon with how my grapes are looking leading up to this harvest where I have included Biomin'- James Millton - The Millton Vineyard Ltd

Nobilo Wines - Gus Stuthers

‘One product I personally have had great success with is Biomin Magnesium'- Gus struthers – Nobilo wines

Taimate Angus & Vineyard - Vineyard plantings

‘The survival of plants on the blocks with the treatment of Superzyme and Mycormax, was almost three times that of the untreated area, This represents a significant cost saving’- John Hickman – Taimate Vineyard

Vineyard Plants Nursery - Subsidiary of Villa Maria Estate use Superzyme throughout their nursery

‘We have been regularly inoculating 633,000 young nursery plants via our fertigation system which has increased survival rates to 89%. Superzyme is easy, safe and effective to use’ Manager Nicoleta Borlea and Vanilson De Souza - Vineyard Plants subsidiary of Villa Maria

John Huey Kiwifruit Orchardist

‘I can now confidently say that Biomin Calcium has helped my returns by increasing dry matter, TZG, on my kiwifruit orchard’ John Huey – Katikati

D Sutton - Kiwifruit

‘The more Tri-D25 I use, the more my orchard flowers’David Sutton – BOP

Wychwood Kiwifruit Orchards

‘We are very happy with the results and intent to see the full potential of this product as well as others developed by JH Biotech Inc.’Peter & Stuart Law - Te Puke

Brite Blooms - Gerbera Grower

‘we know this has helped develop the roots much faster than is normal for our new plants. The plants are continuing to grow rapidly’ Nicola & Jenna – Brite Blooms

Butlers Nursery have seen a dramatic reduction in plant failure since using Superzyme

‘We have noticed a dramatic reduction in plant failure rates and a noticeable improvement in plant quality. We are really pleased with the results and it’s so easy to use’ Steve Butler - Butlers Nursery

Jaap Loef - Flower Grower

‘I have reduced my losses to as little as 5% compared to at least 30% losses in two year old plants in the past. I’ve been very impressed with production to date’ Jaap Loef – carnation grower

NM Floriculture - Gerbera growers using Mycormax (mycorrhizal fungi)

‘I used Mycormax as a pre plant dip on Gerbera stock with great results. I only lost 1 plant out of 15,000 plants. In the past I usually loose 3%.’ Nick Martin -NM Floriculture

Gerbera Cultivation Research - PlentyFlora

‘I used Superzyme on young Gerbera plants and found great results. Superzyme helps develop a good root system and improves the brix value of plants’ Roosmarijn Koning The Netherlands – Plenty Flora

‘we have discovered an abundance of new roots in the soil around the tree plus new vegetative growth in the canopy. All very promising’ Andrew Brooker Garden Manager – Pukeiti Taranaki Regional Council

Van Lier Nurseries - Change required after 8 months of nutrient deficiencies

‘After struggling with nutrient deficiencies in our rose crop for 8 months we got in contact with Roots, Shoots and Fruits, The results were great. our crop is looking healthy and we have had a very high quality flush since.' Harry Van Lier - Van Lier Nursery Lt.

‘Harris revealed a few of his trade secrets yesterday after taking out the heaviest pumpkin award during the Great Pumpkin Carnival at Hamilton Gardens. Tim used Superzyme and Mycormax at planting’

Heinz Wattie Use Mobilizer when Planting Butternuts seedlings to increase production

NSW DPI trial using Fulzyme plus on Hydroponic lettuce production