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I am finding very good results using the Biomin Magnesium

For some years I have been using the JH Biotech products supplied in New Zealand through Roots Shoots & Fruits Ltd in our export-orientated apple orchard.
To date, I have used many of the Biomin elements, including Biomin Calcium, the individual trace elements products and Biomin Magnesium.
Currently, I am finding very good results using the Biomin Magnesium.

I have had excellent results in achieving improved leaf size and functionality as well as to colour and size my fruit over the last few years.
This year I achieved an average 103 count fruit on 30-Year-old Royal Gala at 4200 gross boxes per hectare and my tree health has been fantastic. Other products that I have used over the years and still currently use are Phoscare for natural phytoalexins, Mobilizer, MicroGyp (soluble gypsum) and I am keen to look at the BioSize Plus product to even up fruit size to the top end especially in the Jazz variety which is prone to uneven fruit size.

I would promote anyone to have a look at these products and discuss their abilities with Roots, Shoots & Fruits staff to see how they may fit your farming enterprise.

Richard Griffiths
Huawhenua Orchard Twyford
Hastings, New Zealand
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