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TRI-D25 – Trichoderma, Beneficial Biology - Home Garden


Tri-D25 is a seedling inoculant for use as a pre-plant root and/or soil treatment for plug or bareroot transplants.

Tri-D25 contains micronutrients and fermentation substances which improve the survival of transplants. Tri-D25 may increase the beneficial microbial activities in the rhizosphere which in turn promote root and plant growth. In fumigated soils or soils with low biological activities, Tri-D25 is extremely beneficial in creating a rhizosphere which is dominated by beneficial microorganisms.

TRI-D25 is applicable to crops and soils at all stages – especially seedlings, it is designed to benefit your plants and produce by:

  • Better seed germination
  • Increased plant survival rates
  • Abundant root proliferation and root growth
  • Improved growth and vigour, resulting in healthier plants
  • Increased fruit set and accordingly, higher yields of higher quality
  • Creates beneficial microorganisms dominated rhizosphere.


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Biogro Certified

Product Details (propagules/g) : 5 x 10 7 active spores per gram – Trichoderma koningii | Trichoderma harzianum