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Mycorrhizal fungi – Mycormax – Organic

Mycormax contains both ecto and endo Mycorrhizal fungi in an easy to use sachet form. It will boost your plants root growth, nutrient uptake, establishment and development. It will also minimise plant stress, and help protect your garden from disease. Simply throw a sachet into the hole when planting. For established plants carefully remove soil from the root area, place sachet beside the roots and re-cover.

Mycormax is suitable for all plants, flowers and trees, benefiting your garden by:

  • Enhancing nutrient uptake – absorbing up to 15 macro and micro nutrients
  • Increasing the absorbtion area of roots by 10 to 1000 times.
  • Assisting plants in utilising hard to capture nutrients, such as phosphorous
  • Improving soil structure by producing humic compounds and Glomalin

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Product Details (cfu/g)
Glomus intraradices 25 | Glomus mosseae 25 | Sclerodrna cepa 15,300 | 20 Sachet Pack Biogro Certified


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