Mobilizer – Organic Fulvic Acid


MOBILIZER® is a Fulvic acid product that acts as an electrolyte and transporter of minerals. It works to increase the uptake and utilisation of nutrients, reducing plant stress, as well as alleviating phosphorous loss. Used by many growers to improve crop production, and minimise fertiliser costs. For pronounced effects MOBILIZER® should be used in early season soil treatments and as a post emergent foliar spray.

MOBILIZER® is applicable to all crops at all stages, benefiting your plants and produce by:

  • Increasing overall health and mineral balance of plants
  • Reducing loss of minerals
  • Enables plants to withstand periods of wilting and extreme conditions
  • Improving nutrient transport within plants
  • Increasing crop yield and quality

MOBILIZER® is a concentrated liquid ORGANIC extract designed to mobilise and naturally chelate the macro and micro elements in the soil. MOBILIZER® transforms and stores fertiliser nutrients into easily available forms. MOBILIZER® mobilises Calcium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium and trace elements, thus increases their availability when injected into irrigation systems.

Moreover, MOBILIZER® is known to aid in leaching Sodium out of the soil. The most pronounced effects of MOBILIZER® are obtained when using it during the growing season and mainly in early season soil treatments followed with post emergence foliar sprays.

MOBILIZER® can be applied to ALL crops including all vegetables, potatoes, carrots, onions, all berries and strawberries, all brassicas, all fruit trees, avocadoes, persimmons, citrus, all nut trees, vineyards, kiwifruit, tropical fruit, lettuce, asparagus, all melons, beans, ginger, ornamentals, cut flowers and pastures.

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Fulvic Acid


Biogro Certified


Mobilizer is a fulvic acid product, that increases the uptake and utilisation of mineral nutrients in plants, as well as alleviating phosphorous loss. Mobilizer is a safe and effective organic compound, suitable for both conventional and organic operations; it is Biogro certified. Apply in early season soil treatments and as post emergence foliar sprays or anytime throughout the season where you want a push in growth or mineral uptake for stock. Mobilizer is used by growers to increase yields and improve their crop production on all crops at any stage of growth.

Mobilizer is specifically designed to benefit your plants and produce, with the added benefits of:


  • Greatly enhancing mineral uptake into plants and therefore the stock
  • Buffering soil pH and product pH for ease of mixing
  • Increasing overall health and mineral balance of plants
  • Reducing the loss by leaching & precipitation of mineral fertilisers promoting clean water systems
  • Enabling plants to withstand periods of extreme conditions cold and hot
  • Potential to reduce fertiliser inputs

Mobilizer is a fulvic acid product extracted from leonardite. It consists of a mixture of macro-molecules that may increase the uptake of mineral nutrients in plants through natural chelation. Mobilizer is a valuable product in all indoor and outdoor operations, both soil and foliar applied, ensuring nutrients are optimised by plants. Mineral density of food has declined drastically over the last few decades and therefore the value of our food  and our animal feed is compromised. Fulvic acid is thought to be a missing link in our food chain and is now looked at very seriously for human health and alleviation of food mineral dissorders.

Mobilizer is Applicable to both large producers and home growers in reaching optimum plant health and potential.

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