Fertile Veg, Turf & Flower Mix - Mineral fertiliser

Fertile Veg, Turf & Flower Mix - Mineral fertiliser


Vine nutrition is an important aspect of wine grape production. Nutrition needs to be allocated the same level of importance as any other aspect of vine production for profitability and viability in such a competitive, quality-driven industry.

FERTILE VEG was specially formulated for a dual purpose. The high-quality products used in the manufacture of FERTILE VEG deem it pure and suitable for fertigation as well as foliar application.

FERTILE VEG is ideal for all crops. It is especially of benefit early in the season due to its high Phosphorous content, helping crops make it through a cool early spring period.

FERTILE VEG can benefit your plants and produce by:

  • Increasing overall health and mineral balance of plants
  • Preventing plant and fruit susceptibility to disease
  • Increasing flowering, fruit set and vigour
  • Increasing vines nutrient reserves
  • Aiding in periods of high stress – cold and hot weather



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Product Details (%): Nitrogen as nitrate 5.6 | Nitrogen as ammonium 4.4 | Total Nitrogen 10.0 | Phosphorous 10.0 | Potassium 23.0 | Sulfur as sulphate 4.0 | Magnesium as sulphate 2.0 | Zinc 0.03 | Iron 0.018 | Manganese 0.027 | Copper 0.008 | Boron 0.005 | Molybdenum 0.004 |


Biogro Certified