Organic Biomin Boron

Biomin Boron - Organic Mineral Fertiliser - Home Garden 250g


BIOMIN Boron – Designed for soil or foliar applications on all crops. Completely bioavailable and non-phytotoxic to plants when applied as directed.

Total absorption within a few hours for fast correction and prevention of Boron deficiencies, boosting crops during critical and fast periods of growth especially pre flower.


Contains 15% Boron w/w as an amino acid complex.


  • Quickly corrects boron deficiency
  • Improves flowering, fruit set and yield
  • Reduces fruit cracking and splitting
  • Aids sugar accumulation in fruit
  • Systemic, readily available Boron that is non-phytotoxic.


2 weeks pre-flower.

BIOMIN Boron is organic, safe for the environment, your plants, and your health.


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Product Details (%/w/w): Boron 15.0%


Biogro Certified