Online Store Terms and Returns Policy

  1. General: The applicant/consumer acknowledge that these terms and conditions embody the whole agreement between both parties and agree to be bound to them. Purchase of product means acceptance of these terms and conditions.

  2. Payments: The customer shall make payment for all goods supplied and services rendered within the terms specified by ROOTS SHOOTS & FRUITS LTD. Website order payment options are same day via credit card or automatic bank transfer. The customer acknowledges that these terms will enable ROOTS SHOOTS & FRUITS LTD to exercise all of it’s rights contained herein, and includes the right to cancel future orders and take legal action for the recovery of any sum outstanding.

  3. Delivery: Goods shall be delivered to the address specified on the order form for delivery. All orders shall be accompanied packing note that displays the web purchase order number. Freight will be charged at ROOTS SHOOTS & FRUITS LTD standard rates, as per the website, and shipped via a courier or fright company employed by ROOTS SHOOTS & FRUITS LTD. Goods will be dispatched the following day from when the order was placed with general delivery to the North Island being one day, and two days to the South Island. Delays in delivery may be due to the address being rural which has a longer delivery time frame, or if the goods are placed on back-order under unforeseen circumstances.

  4. Claims and / or Returns: All claims and or returns can only be made within seven (7) days of purchase (under provision that the goods remain in good condition). There is a no return policy on all biological products, due to the nature of the living organisms. Any person wishing to return an item must firstly make a request to do so by mail/fax or email to ROOTS SHOOTS & FRUITS LTD. They must include the following information: –
    1. The product name and quantity
    2. Your company name and address, and date of the purchase/purchase order number.
    3. Reason for return
      ROOTS SHOOTS & FRUITS LTD will confirm acceptance of any goods wishing to be returned by email or credit to the customer.

  5. Default and Cancellation: Either party may cancel any order immediately if the other party becomes bankrupt, ceases business, goes into liquidation, becomes insolvent, appoints a receiver, or enters in to formal proposal for a compromise with creditors under the Companies Act 1993.

  6. Ownership of Goods (Products): All goods remain the property of ROOTS SHOOTS & FRUITS LTD until all outstanding amounts have been settled. Prices are subject to change without notice. Where possible 30 days notice will be given on impending price changes.

  7. Limitations of Liability and Indemnity: ROOTS SHOOTS & FRUITS LTD does not accept liability for any and all losses, expenses, fees, legal costs and/or damages, claims or judgements incurred or borne in the course of the distribution and retail of the named products by the consumer/ applicant, or by its employees and representatives, due to off-label use of products and services,or in association with the off-label use of any product. ROOTS SHOOTS & FRUITS LTD do not warrant these products, except as specified in writing.
    ROOTS SHOOTS & FRUITS LTD cannot be held liable for the effectiveness of any product, or for the damage resulting from the application of any product, if any product is used in a manner that is not 100% in accordance with the manufacturers recommended application on the product label.
    In any event the applicant/customer indemnifies ROOTS SHOOTS & FRUITS LTD for any liability that it may be found to have in relation to the incorrect application of named products and services.
    Purchase of product acknowledges acceptance of the above terms and conditions, and limits any claim to the cost of the product.