Potassium for Ripening, Colour, Sweetness and Full Flavoured Fruit

Have you ever eaten fruit that just has NO flavour and is so tasteless that it leaves you disappointed? At the ripening stage, plants utilise …

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Bacillus subtilis: Beneficial bacteria for plants and how they can protect your crops… and much more!

Isn’t it ironic that when we are at our sickest, in the hospital bed, we often rely on mother nature’s simplest medicines for survival? As …

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Seaweed Alternative: Fulvic Acid Reduces Heat and Drought Stress of Plants by aiding Water Retention

Fulvic Acid strikes again! Last month we introduced the miracle molecule, Fulvic Acid, that acts as a carrier to supply plants with more minerals from …

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Fulvic Acid Increases Nutrient Density in Fruit and Vegetables, Reduces Reliance on Fungicides and Pesticides

WHAT IS FULVIC ACID? Medical science tells us that everybody requires at least 90 known nutrients to maintain health. This includes 17 vitamins, 59 minerals, …

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Calcium for apples

Calcium for the Commercial Grower

The Importance of Calcium Grower’s have long realised the importance of Calcium availability at relevant growth stages, to achieve the crop’s maximum potential by increasing …

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Calcium Deficiency for the Home Gardener

We are used to hearing about calcium’s importance for the human body. We know we need to have plenty in our diet (naturally occurring of …

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Mycorrhizal Fungi Boosts Plant Growth

The Rise of Mycorrhizal Fungi Micro-organisms (including Mycorrhizal Fungi) are the invisible superheroes of our living planet. Research has shown there are a larger diversity …

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One Billion Trees – Reclaiming our Forest Heritage

Forestry Minister Shane Jones, announced recently that the programme to reclaim forests will receive a $240 million boost. There is suggestions that two-thirds of the …

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MPI taken to court by apple and stonefruit growers

A group of apple and stonefruit growers is taking legal action against the Ministry for Primary Industries in response to an order to destroy tens …

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Fonterra’s has a new chairman – John Monaghan

Fonterra’s new chairman John Monaghan is a safe pair of hands for the job, says Federated Farmers Waikato president Andrew McGiven. John Monaghan is an …

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Plants Talk To Each Other Using An Internet Of Fungus

Hidden under your feet is an information superhighway that allows plants to communicate and help each other out. It’s made of fungi – By Nic …

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Substantial nitrogen acquisition by arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi from organic material has implications for N cycling

Arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungi are obligate biotrophs that acquire carbon (C) solely from host plants. AM fungi can proliferate hyphae in, and acquire nitrogen (N) …

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