mycorrhizal fungi for carbon storage 1

3 ways Mycorrhizal Fungi benefits the environment – not just your garden!

Rapidly increasing carbon emissions is one of the greatest threats to our environment and is linked to the negative impacts of climate change. There are …

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Mycorrhizae apples

Mycorrhizal fungi to protect your investment

Mycorrhizal fungi to protect your investment When Mycorrhizal Fungi is added at time of planting, growers have recorded increased survival rates. NM Floriculture says “I …

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organic soil

How to Prepare Soil for Organic Gardening

The success of your garden depends on the quality of your soil. Soil is the home to all of the important nutrients for your plants, …

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humic acid for healthy soil

Humic Acid for Water Retention and Oxygenation of Crops

Are dry and dusty soil and high irrigation costs a regular part of your growing season? Are you seeking a way to retain more moisture …

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chemical incompatibilities

How to Avoid Chemical Incompatibilities for Growers and Farmers

At any given time of the year, growers apply numerous products to their crops to keep them healthy and address nutritional deficiencies, disease or pests. …

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Biomin N: Commercial Nitrogen That Won’t Harm the Environment and Waterways

Commercial Nitrogen Application is About to Change New Zealand is currently facing an ecological turning point. The Ministry for the Environment released statistics that show …

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Foliar application, magnesium, commercial crops, roots shoots and fruits, biomin

Foliar Application of Magnesium: Need to Knows

It is widely known that Magnesium is fundamental to the growth of every crop and is required at every stage of the phenological cycle. It …

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Magnesium, home garden, home grown, produce, plant nurtients

Using Magnesium in Your Home Garden

Magnesium is an essential nutrient for plants. It performs a key role in photosynthesis and plants cannot grow without it. Plants that are deficient in …

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Home grower, Fruit, Potassium, Sweeter Fruit

Why Every Home-Grower of Fruit Should Use Potassium

Have you ever wondered how some people grow juicy, sweet, brightly-coloured fruit and yet others seem to be small, anaemic-looking and lack flavour? Introducing the STAR …

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Potassium grapes

Pre-harvest Potassium for the Sweetest Fruit

Yes, Potassium is an essential nutrient for the growth of all plants, ESPECIALLY at maturation for increasing sugars / Brix levels prior to harvest (for …

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Perfect Christmas Harvest Calcium Gardening Summer

Perfect Your Christmas Gardening Harvest

December: the beginning of summer, Christmas, and a season of intense garden growth! Gardening devotees will know that summer can bring rapid plant growth; but …

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Calcium fertilizer

Glycine Chelated Calcium Compared With Calcium Chloride Fertilizer On Fruit Health

Many times during the phenological cycle, especially during cell division, growers apply Calcium; historically there has been a wide use of Calcium Chloride. The grower …

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