What Is Cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency Security

On 18 Μay 2021, China banned monetary establishments аnd cost firms frⲟm hаving the flexibility tⲟ provide cryptocurrency transaction related providers. This led tо a …

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Tips for Ornamental and Cut Flower Growers

Growers looking to produce for the commercial cut flower market need to keep a number of things in mind when it comes to ensuring good …

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Planting flowers in a garden bed

Growing bright blooms in the cold months is possible! Here’s how…

The weather is still cold, and you may be impatient to wait for your Summer flowers. As flowers are generally associated more with Spring and …

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How to improve yield size and quality

Extreme weather conditions including DRY SOILS have seen many vineyard owners have lower than usual yields… … creating a shortage of desirable Sauvignon Blanc. The soil may have been …

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Glycine Chelation Technology to Boost Your Crops

The goal of any fertilization regime is to ensure your crops are getting the nutrients they need, when they need them. Many growers are wary …

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RSF-soil-foliar-applicationjpeg (small)

Soil vs foliar fertiliser in your home garden

Cultivating your own home garden can be a fulfilling exercise, giving many physical and mental health benefits. Whether you’re a natural green thumb or budding …

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Incorporating foliar application into your fertilisation routine

For a long time growers were concerned exclusively with maintaining soil fertility to ensure the health of their crops. While soil fertility is paramount (after …

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apple orchard nz

Are your apples lacking colour and flavour?

A note to our commercial apple orchardists…  Because producers are often paid on fruit quality, we regularly get asked how to improve the colour, texture, …

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avocado cut in half

Are your avocados lacking Calcium?

At a glance: Low levels of Mycorrhizal Fungi means fewer soil minerals are reaching your plants. Low moisture levels also mean fewer soil minerals are …

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6 Tips for Home Gardeners Planting in the New Year

Hey home gardeners, what’s the plan for your garden in 2021?  A lot of Kiwi’s ramped up their home gardening efforts amidst the pandemic last …

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Home gardeners – tips for a bright and juicy Christmas harvest

Listen up home gardeners, you still have time to boost your crops before you pick for Christmas day! In the lead-up to Christmas, you may …

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Climate Impact on Plant Nutrition

Yearly rainfall in 2019 was (50-79%) below normal across Northland, Auckland, Hawke’s Bay, Wairarapa and Marlborough. 2019 was the 4th-warmest year on NIWA records for …

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