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Why Every Home-Grower of Fruit Should Use Potassium

Have you ever wondered how some people grow juicy, sweet, brightly-coloured fruit and yet others seem to be small, anaemic-looking and lack flavour? Introducing the STAR …

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Potassium grapes

Pre-harvest Potassium for the Sweetest Fruit

Yes, Potassium is an essential nutrient for the growth of all plants, ESPECIALLY at maturation for increasing sugars / Brix levels prior to harvest (for …

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Perfect Christmas Harvest Calcium Gardening Summer

Perfect Your Christmas Gardening Harvest

December: the beginning of summer, Christmas, and a season of intense garden growth! Gardening devotees will know that summer can bring rapid plant growth; but …

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Calcium fertilizer

Glycine Chelated Calcium Compared With Calcium Chloride Fertilizer On Fruit Health

Many times during the phenological cycle, especially during cell division, growers apply Calcium; historically there has been a wide use of Calcium Chloride. The grower …

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tomato crop

Why use a multi-mineral booster in your home garden?

If we are what we eat… then I aim to be healthy, robust, plentiful and full of flavour – just like the fruits and veggies …

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Why a multi-mineral boost can be an easy step in maintaining the health of your crops.

Multi-mineral fertilisers are a fantastic choice for growers wanting an all-in-one style approach to balancing nutrients and encouraging healthy crops. They help to replenish lost …

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Soil Food: An Organic Guide to Early-Season Planting

Soil Food: An Organic Guide to Early-Season Planting

Planting the seed for (gardening) success starts before the seed.  The foundations for a healthy, organic garden begins with the soil. Taking the time to …

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Improve Storage and Shelf Life of Avocados After Picking with Calcium and Good Bacteria

  Calcium and Nitrogen levels play an essential role in the firmness and storage life of your fruit after picking. Glycine Chelated Calcium applications applied …

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A New Zealand Lifestyle Blockers Guide to Winter

When you look outside over your frost covered garden this winter, it might appear dead and lifeless. However, this is an illusion. The garden never …

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Improve the Quality and Quantity of Vegetable Crops Using Fulvic Acid

Vegetable growers wanting to improve their soil and plant nutrition will be familiar with humic acid and may know that fulvic acid is its principal …

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Copper to Aid Defoliation of Vines and Fruit Trees

Fruit trees and vines defoliate after harvest season. The leaves change colour and drop off (Fall)… only some trees tend to hold their leaves and they …

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Soil …NOT just dirt

  Properties of soil are quite complex made from a combination of both living and nonliving materials, water and air; all of which are of …

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