Butlers Nursery have seen a dramatic reduction in plant failure since using Superzyme


Sunfruit Orchards are seeing results from Biomin Copper in their Canker programmes


Persimmon Grower Peter Hedley Says Biomin Calcium is a  Brilliant Product


Van Lier Nurseries - Change required after 8 months of nutrient deficiencies


Quinns Blueberries- Great results using Phoscare, Mobilizer & Biomin


Core Management - Apple Orchard - European Canker


Taimate Angus & Vineyard - Vineyard plantings


Freshmax Orchards - Fulzyme Plus - European Canker


Jaap Loef - Flower Grower


Brite Blooms - Gerbera Grower


Strawberry Fields - Strawberry Growers in Waikato


NM Floriculture - Gerbera growers using Mycormax (mycorrhizal fungi)


Babich Wines - Gimblett Gravels Hawkes Bay uses Mobilizer to assist growth in young vines


Vineyard Plants Nursery - Subsidiary of Villa Maria Estate use Superzyme throughout their nursery


PH Kinzett Tomatoes


Geoff Peach HolyOak Orchard - Persimmon


Gerbera Cultivation Research - PlentyFlora


Garry Yee - Strawberry Grower


Sustainable soil improvements aid Dog Point Vineyard


Agpath P/L Dr Mary Cole


John Huey Kiwifruit Orchardist


Huawhenua Apple Orchard Twyford


Milton Vineyard & Winery were impressed with Biomin Calcium


Wychwood Kiwifruit Orchards


Miura Avocado Orchard


Stirling Orchard Ltd Stonefruit


Delegat Wine Estate - Dr. Bala


LE Cooke Nurseryman Ltd.


Nobilo Wines - Gus Struthers


D Sutton - Kiwifruit


Constellation and Bostock - success with JH Biotech products




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