Trials & Editorials




Practical Management of Grapevine trunk diseases


Affects of Mobilizer on nutrient content of indoor capsicum production-Gourmet Praprika


Controlling Botrytis Organically- Dr Phillip Elmer Lincoln University


Mobilizer Randomised Trial on Field Grown Beetroot


Using Iron in Soil hydroponics-Aquaponics


Carrot trial with Mobilizer in Pukekohe 2013


Biomin Copper V's Copper Oxychloride for Defoliation


Pertracto Report RS 13168 Potato Mobilizer


Vineyard Plants Nursery - Subsidiary of Villa Maria Estate


Benefits of Mobilizer on Potato 2nd Year - Hira Bhana Ltd.


JH Biotech Nutritional products on Onions - Set Sue Limited


Plant & Food Research - Effects of garlic oil on tomato-potato psyllid and 'Zebra chip' in fried potato crisps


MIT Research Project - Use of Mycorrhizae Fungi in the Establishment of Revegetation Plants


NZ protection Society BioRepel - Tomato-Potato Psyllid


Superzyme & Mycormax Growth Rates Buerre Bosc Pears


Garry Yee - Mangere Strawberry Grower Observations


Agcrop Braeburn Apple Observations 2013


Mycorrhizae Article


Biomin Copper Defoliation Trial Honey Belle


Spinach Mobilizer & Phoscare compared with Foscheck Control


Article - Salt Buildup


Mobilizer trial Beans


Biomin Copper Defoliation Trial - Mayglow Peaches


Mobilizer Trial Peas


Humax results on soil and potato yield


Mobilizer trial onions Pukekohe


PSA Trial KVH - Superzyme


Pseudomonas Syringae pv syringae Results (BIR) - Dr Melanie Weckert


Phoscare - PSA Invitro Trial


Consider Using Citric Acid - Mixwell


Chemical incompatibilities


Understanding and Using Trichoderma fungi


Shopping for Humic Acids


Effacicy of Biomin Calcium on Kiwifruit Quality Assessments


Use of soil amendments when planting new vines


Biological products in indoor gardens - Donald Lester


Efficacy of TRI-D25TM on Botrytis cinerea in grape production



SHCMS-Fulzyme almond trial final report


Chelated Micronutrients


NSW DPI Fulzyme Plus trial.


Superzyme trial - LE Cooke Nurseryman Ltd.


Conversations on Chelation & Mineral Nutrition


Calcium Uptake and Mobility: Effects on Kiwifruit Quality using an Amino Acid Chelate


Biomin Calcium Seeka trial 2003-2004


The Benefits of Mobilizer- Sweetcorn


Biomin Calcium on Apples Hawkes Bay 2005

Bunch Stem Necrosis -What is it and What can be done about it

The Benefits of Balanced Nutrition in Reducing BSN Incidence in Winegrapes


The Effects of Biomin Calcium Applied through Drip Irrigation on Strawberries


From Vine to Wine


Potassium in Kiwifruit how Important is it to Your Vines


EIT K-Forte Trial Summary


Balanced Nutrition Effects on Kiwifruit Dry Matter & Keeping Quality of Fruit


Glycine Technology the Answer to Zinc & Boron Applications


Does Nutrition Affect Disease Management


Effects of Iron on Potato Growth


Why is Post Harvest Nutrition so Important


Do People Really Know How Trichoderma Species Work?


Mycorhizal fungi the Ultimate Crop Companion


Calcium Trial on Capsciums


The Benefits of Fulvic Acid



Crasborn Apple Plantings

Mycormax & Superzyme




Core Management Apples

Fulzyme Plus & Biomin Copper





Heinz Watties Butternut

Mobilizer Applied





CSIRO Hydroponic Lettuce

Fulzyme Plus






Apatu Group Ltd.

Superzyme Dipped






Planting grapes in

 the Nappa valley

Mycormax T Bags