About us


Roots Shoots & Fruits are a New Zealand owned and operated agricultural consultancy company. We are the New Zealand importers of the prestigious range of JH Biotech products which are sold throughout New Zealand through an extensive and knowledgeable retail network.

We assist growers to achieve their maximum potential at a cost effective price, and allow people  to keep up to the minute with the latest technical advances in nutritional and biological products, their use, benefits and advantages.

The balance of a crops’ nutritional status is a high priority, assisting in the prevention of many pest and disease through a complete range of safe, sustainable as well as organic, biological and soft option products developed for all growers.

JH Biotech are world leaders in agriculture research, plant nutrition and product development. They specialize in nutrition - human, animal and plant as well as biotechnologies for safer agriculture. RSF adopted their products for the New Zealand market after world product screening through a reputable university placed them as consistently higher performing.

The core of our company is based around this internationally patented range, however to compliment these superior products, RSF’s services has also needed to be one step above the rest which is achieved through the use of “Balanced Analysis”.

Balanced Analysis is an internationally patented program which we utilize to provide growers with full information about their crops needs, via soil and leaf analysis.  The Balanced Analysis differs from other analysis services. Testing is taken a step further based on international references and it also calculates the many complex nutrient interactions not normally even considered by other laboratories. Access to this data base allows us to sample trees or plants at any growing stage; we are not restricted like other companies to a particular time of the year with sampling techniques which allows our service to stand out but more importantly to over perform others.

RSF take pride in providing some of the world’s best products to the New Zealand grower, allowing them to produce the highest of quality produce and to keep abreast of ever changing technology enabling competition on both the domestic and the world market.

RSF Know that quality produce always sells and always brings a premium price – We would be pleased to assist you and can guarantee you will also achieve top quality produce through the use of these products and services.

At Roots Shoots & Fruits we are always pleased to help.


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