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Roots Shoots & Fruits


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JH Biotech Inc.

Winner 2010 WRAP Awards

in recognition of waste

prevention business practices,

reducing green house gas

emmissions , protecting the

environment and preserving

valuable resources. JH Biotech

was recognized as a leader in

building a sustainable economy.



Roots Shoots & Fruits

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Tim Harris - Winner of the

Giant pumpking competition

in Hamilton 690.5kg.



Tim used Superzyme and

Mycormax when planting

his seeds



Bees are intrinsic to human

food production. Clothianidin,


three pesticides are prevelent,

persistant and more scientists

confirm daily that they are

making bees sick or (dead).

These insecticides are widely 

used and highly toxic to

honey bees; implicated in

Colony Collapse Disorder.


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Innovative Organic Fertilisers & Biological Products for New Zealand Agriculture and Horticulture

Soil Health, Plant Health, Our Health

Phone: 09 3729155 / 09 372915509 3729155


RSF are wholesale distributors of  JH Biotech products, global leaders in plant nutritional fertilizers and biotechnology.

Working  to provide solutions and profitability for horticulture, viticulture, agriculture, floraculture, vegetable & turf  production.


Roots Shoots & Fruits Ltd is a 100% New Zealand owned and operated organic nutritional fertiliser supply company. We are enviromentally orientated with our company focus on sustainable and efficient organic fertilizers and specializing in nutrition and biological agents. At RSF we are passionate about improving grower profitability, increasing nutritional value of food as well as respecting our enviroment,  improving soils for future generations.


If you wish to buy calcium and magnesium products for farming please consider the far superior glycine chelation technology as found in Biomin. Biomin are totally soluble, 100 % available organic liquid fertilizer chelated with glycine amino acid nitrogen and are available in your trace element requirements such as Calcium, Magnesium, Boron, Zinc, Iron, Manganese, Molybdenum, Copper and mixed blends called Biomin Booster V.


Biological control products are a very important aspect of our business and the future of all agriculture globally. Trichoderma koningii, Trichoderma harzianum, Bacillus subtilis, Pseudomonas putida and various  Mycorrhizal fungi spp. (VAM) have great benefit in all aspects of farming and production.These benefical organisms assist with seed raising,  nursery production, vegetable crops, disease prevention in horticultural crops, improved root growth which all generate better food production and grower profitability.


All products and services are available through Roots Shoots & Fruits Ltd and approved distributors such as PGG Wrightson Fruitfed Supplies






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Young Viticultural competitors Otago

Mike Winter from Amisfield was the winner on the day, 2nd place went to Annabel Bulk

from Felton Road, and 3rd place to Liam Burgess from Peregrine


 Hawkes Bay Young Vit Competitors with Richard Smith

Marlborough Young Viticultural contestants during the competition